Web page

1. Update our projects

2. Update profiles - COMPLETED

3. Update pictures on web page / gallery

4. Calendar of upcoming events

5. Rough internal spreadsheet of timeline for each project/event and templates of what to expect internally, lead in times and what needs to be done. E.g. MUNA, RYLA, RYAP, Lunar Festival, Yarra Jets, Happy Football Cambodia Fair Play, Christmas Party for Collingwood Commission, Hampers for the Homeless etc

6. Set up email through domain

7. Migrate existing information from existing web page to this one, where relevant

8. Consider partner organisation and their webpages, and what perception do we want to make in the area? How would we like to be perceived in the area?

9. Vietnamese orphanage image to the front



1. Find someone to administer web page, e.g. update and checking emails

2. When to update

3. Images at events

4. Timeframe when it goes live, how much it will cost, how to transfer domain over

5. What happens to the existing webpage content